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If you have decided to establish a business in Spain, in Solución Asesores XXI S.L. we can help you to determine the main questions for the future of your business project, we advise you on tax, duties and labour issues.

It is very important to clearly define the activity to develop, number of partners, share capital amount and third party responsibility.

The creation and starting process of a company is a difficult task even more for a foreigner; rely on professionals.


Taxes and Duties:

In Spain we have different taxes for natural or legal persons. All natural person residents or non-residents should know when and what duty to pay their taxes. We will advise you on this and assess your case individually. For legal person will prepare a tax schedule depending on the activity.


For any business or freelance it’s important to carry proper accounting management. We prepare for you IVA (VAT)- 303 Model quarterly taxes, or yearly. Quarterly Declaración de Retenciones por Arrendamientos (Leases and Rents)- Model 115 or yearly Model 180. Yearly Declaración Anual de Operaciones con Clientes y Proveedores (Customers and suppliers)-Model 347. Quarterly Model 111 and Yearly Model 190. We prepare and submitt for you all taxes required to the Spanish Tax Agency.


We offer document verification and compilation professional service, consultation and negotiation. Land Registration. It is a set of legal measures in order to respect customers’ rights at the end of a transaction.


Opening a Spanish bank account is simple but you have to be aware of the temporary freezing of your account. We can open for you bank accounts for Residents, Non-Residents, Freelance accounts, Company Accounts. We will check that you have all the documents required and will be with you on the moment of signing.


Mortgages for residents and non Residents. We will look for the best option depending on your situation. Our company works with top financial institutions: Sabadell, Santander, BBVA, Cajamar, IngDirect, Bankia and that allows you to better Spanish mortgage market conditions. You are in safe hands! We will be with you from the first consultation to the signing of the mortgage.

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