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In Spain, migratory flows are getting common both from Europe Union and beyond. For this reason is very important to think about doing it lawfully and effectively in order to be able to enjoy your residence in the best peacefully and pleasantly way possible.

Our team is led by professional lawyers and consultants from all around the world with Immigration Law experience that know perfectly the needs of newcomers and those who are considering coming, enabling us to connect with people with greater confidence and empathy.

Our human and social profile, as well as our dedication and seriousness, place us at a very high rate of favourable resolutions regarding Immigration proceedings.

For this reason we require to know your personal/familiar/labor and financial information for the purpose of giving you counsel in the best possible way, and what’s the most rapid and adequate via to obtain Spanish residence permit or nationality.

We make all the arrangements so that you don’t have to worry about anything, such as:

  • Collecting and checking information and documents
  • Translation and legalisation services required for documents
  • Communication with local administrations for answering questions
  • Electronic submission whenever possible (easier, faster, with greater chances of success)
  • Possibility of appeal in the event of refusal
  • Monitor your process throughout the whole process
  • In case of permit renovations, we manage everything from here, no need to move nowhere

Non-lucrative residence

Residence without work permission: The most popular residence due to requirements simplicity. It allows you and your family to stay for a short period with no need to invest or start a business. It is addressed to people who have enough economic resources to live in Spain without working, have enough money in their Spanish bank account and have regular incomes from other countries or being a partner in a Spanish company with benefits.

Student visa

As a student in Spain you have the following rights:

  • To stay in Spain for 6 months period or 1 year as long as you are studying in an authorized school, with a full-time program and in order to get a degree or study certificate
  • There are no age restrictions
  • Work permit for 30 hours per week
  • Free movement of people within the Schengen countries (27)
  • You can ask for student family regrouping
  • Possibility to swap student card for Work Residence card after 3 years.

Investment Visa

INVESTOR VISA (‘’GOLDEN VISA’’) Investment requirements are:

  • Financial assets:
  • Public debt (€2 million).
  • Shares (€1 million).
  • Investment funds, investment funds of close-end type or venture capital funds set up in Spain (€1 million).
  • Bank deposits (€1 million).
  • Real estate (€500,000). In this case we look for property that best meets your needs and we offer you the chance to customize and redecorate it by the hands of a renowned architect who will design the house of your dreams.
  • Business projects: there is no minimum investment requirement, they must be of general interest: – Creation of jobs – Social and economic impact on the geographical area where they are made. – Significant contribution to scientific and/or technological innovation.

This visa allows you to stay in Spain for:

  • Real estate assets nor formalized: visa/residence permit: 6 months.
  • Visa: 1 year.
  • Residence permit: 2 years
  • Renewal of the residence permit: 5 years. Renewal does not require effective residence in Spain.

Family members who accompany or join the investor may apply jointly and simultaneously or successively for their residence permit and, where appropriate, for their visa.

Spanish citizenship

Spanish citizenship: We process any kind of citizenship acquisition: By Residence: This method of acquisition of nationality requires continued legal residence in Spain for TEN YEARS immediately prior to the application. There are cases in which the period of residence required can be reduced. These are: FIVE YEARS: for the granting of Spanish nationality to those persons who have obtained refugee status TWO YEARS: for nationals of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or persons of Sephardic origin. ONE YEAR:

  • Persons born in Spanish territory.
  • Persons who have not exercised their right to Spanish nationality by option.
  • Persons who have been legally subject to the guardianship
  • Persons who, at the time of the application, have been married for one year to a Spanish national and are not legally separated and have not had a common-law separation
  • The widower or widow of a Spanish national

By Origin:

  • Those born to a Spanish father or mother
  • Those born in Spain who are the children of non-Spanish parents if at least one of their parents were born in Spain (with the exception of children of diplomats).
  • Those born in Spain to non-Spanish parents, if both have no nationality (status of stateless persons) or if the legislation of neither grants nationality to the child. In this case a form can be submitted at the local Civil Registry of your place of residence to declare Spanish nationality on the basis of mere assumption.
  • Children born in Spain whose parents’ identity is unknown. Children whose first known place of stay is Spanish territory are assumed to have been born in Spain.
  • All children under 18 years of age adopted by a Spanish national are of Spanish origin. If the adoptee is aged over 18, they may opt for Spanish nationality of origin within two years following the legalisation of the adoption.

By Option: The option is a benefit in our legislation extended to foreign nationals subject to certain conditions, for them to acquire Spanish nationality  

Family reunification for foreigners in Spain

Type of residence is a temporary residence permit that allows foreigners who have been living legally in Spain for a year and have obtained authorization to stay at least one more year to reunite their family members. Requirements

  • Do not be citizen of a Member State of the European Union.
  • Do not have criminal records.
  • Do not have restrictions on the entry in the country.
  • Do not stay illegally in the country.
  • Have private medical insurance or effectively covered by social security.
  • Do not suffer from any of the illnesses subject to Reglamento Sanitario Internacional de 2005.
  • Have sufficient financial means to support your and your family members stay in the country.

Residence and freelance work permit

Type of residence Is a temporary residence permit that allows you to work on your own as a freelance Requirements

  • Do not be citizen of a Member State of the European Union.
  • Do not have restrictions on the entry in the country.
  • Do not stay illegally in the country.
  • Do not be in time to assisted voluntary returnя.
  • Meet the requirements for your business activity in the country.
  • Must have the necessary professional qualification for the activity.
  • Sufficient investment for the activity.
  • Have sufficient financial means to support you after the cost of your work.

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Social integration residence

Type of residence Is a temporary residence permit that allows you to stay in exceptional circumstances (economic, family reasons, integration into society… Everything you can prove) Requirements

  • Do not be citizen of a Member State of the European Union.
  • Do not have criminal records.
  • Have stayed continually in the country for at least 3 years.
  • Have an employment contract signed by both worker and employerм.

Residence for work reason.

Type of residence is a temporary residence permit that allows you to stay if you have had labour relations for at least 6 months. Requirements

  • Do not be citizen of a Member State of the European Union.
  • Do not have criminal records.
  • Do not have restrictions on the entry in the country.
  • Have stayed continually in the country for at least 2 years.
  • Be able to prove labour relations of a duration of more than 6 months.

Residence for family roots

Permission type This is an exceptional temporary residence permit that can be granted to foreign nationals who are in Spain and are either the father or mother of a minor Spanish citizen, or are the children of a father or mother who were originally Spaniards. Requirements

  • Lack of criminal record in Spain and the countries of their former residence for crimes stipulated by Spanish law.
  • Not to be a citizen of a state of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, or a relative of citizens of these countries to whom the European Union citizen regime applies.
  • Entry into Spain is not prohibited and does not appear to be rejected in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement on this matter.
  • The absence, if necessary, during the period of validity of the obligation to not return to Spain, which the foreigner assumed, voluntarily returning to his country of origin.
  • To be the father or mother of minor Spanish citizenship or the son of a father or mother who was originally Spaniards.

Initial residence and work permit of highly qualified specialists

Permission type This is a temporary residence and work permit that can be obtained by a foreign worker living outside of Spain for work that requires a university degree or, in exceptional cases, a minimum of three years of professional experience that can be considered comparable. Requirements

  • Do not be a citizen of the European Union.
  • To be legally in the Spanish territory.
  • Lack of criminal record in Spain.
  • Do not have a ban on entry into Spain.

The national employment situation allows you to hire if:

  • The profession that the employee will perform in the company is included in the catalog of difficult-to-reach professions, which the State Employment Service publishes quarterly.
  • The competent immigration office believes that the position cannot be filled in accordance with the certificate of the State Employment Service on managing the job offer.

Residence permit for a relative of an EU citizen

Permission type The closest relatives of a Spanish citizen or other member state of the European Union or another state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland who do not have the citizenship of one of these states when they meet with him or accompany them and will live in Spain for a period, exceeding three months, must submit an application and receive a family card of a citizen of the Euro Union. Requirements

  • Accompany or meet with a citizen of the Euro Union or another member state of the European Economic Area who has the right to reside for a period exceeding three months, which may be self-employed or employed as a private entrepreneur. He must have health insurance and adequate economic means for every member of the family.
  • In the case of students must have health insurance and adequate resources for family support.

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